Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guest Review: Police by Jo Nesbo

Here is a guest review by Shirley Ayres of Jo Nesbo's Police. Thanks again, Shirley!

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The latest book featuring the Oslo, Norway Police Investigator, Harry Hole (pronounced Hol-ley).

In the city of Oslo, police officers are being brutally murdered.  The Police Department believes the killer is baiting officers to get more victims. As the suspects are eliminated, one name keeps popping up.  The name of a child molester who was thought to have been killed in prison. At last, Special Investigator Harry Hole is called back in to serve on a Special Task Force to find the murderer.  He is teamed up with several of his former colleagues who have worked cases with Harry in the past. The reader never suspects the outcome because Nesbo cleverly weaves the plot and characters well.

The usual gory murders, nasty murderers, and complicated plot twists just make this book, and all the other Nesbo books so interesting to read and impossible to put down once you have started to read the book.

SPOILER ALERT.  On the last pages, you can see that there will be another Harry Hole mystery very soon. That, to me, is very good news.