Thursday, June 28, 2012

Louis L'Amour and the Large Print Ladies

My father-in-law was a Louis L'Amour fan so I've bought a few of his books. But I hadn't read any until the Large Print Book Club picked Comstock Lode for the June selection.

I really enjoyed reading about the adventures in the new West and mining that are covered so vividly in this book. I especially enjoyed that the bad guys were so rotten and the good people were so good. It was comforting to have some certainty in the world.

His life was just extraordinary: he worked on cattle ranches, saw mills, lumber camps and mines. He was a   professional boxer, merchant seaman and served in the Army during World War II. Once he settled to writing, he was incredibly productive. He still has 105 titles in print and remains one of the most populat American authors.

Thanks to the Large Print Book Club for opening my eyes to this American icon.

Any ideas for other books for the Large Print gang? Any other book clubs you'd like to see at your Library?