Thursday, August 13, 2015

5th Horseman and 6th Target by James Patterson

[Guest Reviews by Shirley Ayres]


5th Horseman

(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

Healthy patients in San Francisco’s Municipal Hospital, with minor ailments, are dying, one by one during the night, and are found the next morning with buttons on their eyelids. The victims' relatives sue, but the hospital is determined to shield its reputation at all costs, and an explosive court battle takes place.

At the same time, young women are being murdered, dressed in expensive designer clothing and posed in luxury cars. The two different cases has Lt. Lindsay Boxer working overtime.

Another good murder mystery. Very fast-paced and exciting. Good character development and interesting plots.

6th Target

(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

 Lindsay Boxer is faced with two murder cases. The first is a shooting of five people on a ferry just as it docks. Four people are dead, and one is seriously wounded. The killer runs away and a massive search ensues.

The second case is the kidnapping of a little girl and her nanny. The kidnapping turns into murder but which of the victims is killed. The child? The nanny? Both?

Another good police drama. I really love the Women’s Murder Club series.

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