Monday, January 5, 2015

Guest Review: The Defector by Daniel Silva

Guest review submitted by Shirley Ayres. Thanks, Shirley!

The Defector by Daniel Silva

     The bad guy from Silva’s last spy novel, Moscow Rules Russian arms dealer, Ivan Kharkov, has defector Grigori Bulganov kidnapped and taken back to Russia. Grigori has saved Gabriel Allon’s life before defecting to the U.K. and his former employer, the KGB, wants him back to face punishment.
     When Allon’s new wife Chiara is also kidnapped, Gabriel knows both kidnappings are part of an elaborate scheme of Kharkov to force Gabriel to return to Russia so that Ivan exact revenge on Allon by  torturing before killing him.
     Another exciting spy novel from Silva proves the author is an excellent writer who does his research extensively.