Thursday, July 11, 2013

Listen to Your Uncle Mark

Were you lucky enough to have a favorite uncle who could tell you what it's all about? Among all the family hubbub, his take on things seemed so same and simple.

That's how I felt about Mark Bittman's new book:

He describes the middle way of good health and diet: eat like a vegan during the day and have whatever you want at night. 

If you succumb to temptation and eat a cheeseburger for lunch, no problem; eat a healthy dinner and try again tomorrow. 

Over time, he came to crave the healthier beans, grains and vegetables that he ate during the day, his cholesterol went down and he lost weight. Best of all, the "diet" was easy to maintain -- even for a food writer -- because it is so flexible and wide-ranging. 

It's an enjoyable read and the recipes are delicious. Thank you Mark Bittman (and a shout out to my dear Uncle Phil). 

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