Friday, June 13, 2014

Guest Review: David Baldacci's Will Robie Series

1. The Innocent (2012) by David Baldacci
[Guest Review by Shirley Ayres]

Will Robie, a paid government assassin, fails to take out his target.  However, his back-up finishes the job in front of Robie, causing Robie to flee the scene, knowing the back-up is targeting him.  Robie escapes and gets on a bus which, after Robie leaves the bus, blows up.  Robie pulls a 14 year old girl named Julie Getty off the bus just before it explodes, killing all who remain on it.  FBI Special Agent Nicole “Nikki” Vance teams up with Robie and Getty to find the one who blew up the bus, not knowing that Robie was the target of the explosion.  Plots intertwine and lots of people are murdered before the stunning climax.  The book is very fast paced and I hated to stop reading.

2. The Hit (2013) by David Baldacci
[Guest Review by Shirley Ayres]

Will Robie, Nikki Vance and Julie Getty are together again in this intriguing mystery.  The real story is between Will Robie and paid government assassin, Jessica Reel.  Reel is given a target but, much like Robie, does not complete the assignment.  Robie is sent to kill Reel even though he trained her to be a competent assassin.  As Robie gets close to her, Reel can almost predict his every move and eludes capture every time.  This is a very good story of two intelligent killers after each other and what happens to them.

Thanks, Shirley!

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