Friday, May 29, 2015

Guest Review of "1st to Die" by James Patterson

[Guest Review by Shirley Ayres]

1st to Die

Lindsay Boxer – Detective
(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

 Four friends get together to help solve murders.  Founding members, Lindsay Boxer, Homicide Detective with the San Francisco Police Department and Medical Examiner Claire Washburn reach out to Assistant District Attorney Jill Bernhardt and Cindy Thomas, crime desk report on the San Francisco Chronicle, to form the Women’s Murder Club.
          A serial killer has been murdering newly wed brides and their grooms.  It is now up to the Women’s Murder Club to find the connection and ultimately find the murderer.  Their discoveries solve the crimes but at what cost. 
          Short chapters.  Easy reading.  Good characters.  The book kept me up all night until the early hours because I couldn’t put it down.

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