Monday, August 24, 2015

[Guest Reviews by Shirley Ayres]


10th Anniversary

(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

San Francisco Police Detective Lindsay Boxer and her longtime boyfriend, Joe, finally get married.  Very soon after the wedding, Lindsay is called upon to investigate the injuries of a 15-year-old girl who has just given birth but cannot remember a thing.

The second case Lindsay investigates is about the murder of a well-known actor by his doctor wife.  Yuki is called upon to prosecute the doctor. Twists and turns come up in both cases and all four members of the Women’s Murder Club are involved in both cases.

11th Hour

(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

Someone is killing drug dealers and a cop, who just happens to be a dear friend of Sgt. Lindsay Boxer, is suspected.

At the same time the back yard of a world famous movie star is yielding the heads of murder victims.  Did the movie star commit the crimes or is someone else committing the gruesome murders?

All during the investigations, Crime Reporter Jason Blayney is making life miserable for the SFPD by reporting actual cases sprinkled with lies and false accusations. He makes sure that Lindsay is the “star” of his columns about the ineffectiveness of the police department.

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