Thursday, September 10, 2015

Guest Reviews: 12th of Never and 14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson

[Guest Reviews by Shirley Ayres]


12th of Never

(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

Sgt. Lindsay Boxer’s baby girl arrives on the scene in a very unexpected way. After about one week of maternity leave, Lindsay is called back to work on a murder involving a San Francisco 49er football player.

An English professor shows up at the police department and tells Lindsay’s partner, Rich Conklin, about his dreams of seeing murders. Unfortunately, the dreams start coming true. How can this happen? Is he really predicting the future? Does he need to be watched to see if he is the killer?

14th Deadly Sin

(Women’s Murder Club Cases)

by James Patterson

Medical Examiner Dr. Claire Washburn and the members of the Women’s Murder Club are celebrating Claire’s birthday when Sgt. Lindsay Boxer is called away from the party to investigate a murder. Claire reminds Lindsay that she has been called away from the party every year for the past few years. Now, even Lindsay’s husband, Joe Molinari, is caught up in the Claire’s birthday murders. Are they connected? Has the same person committed these murders on this specific date? What reason can it be?

At the same time, robberies and murders are taking place all over the city. Video footage and eyewitness accounts show the criminals dressed in SFPD Windbreakers and wearing masks. Are they really cops?

Attorney Yuki Castellano Brady, no longer working as an ADA has been hired by the Defense League, giving free legal representation to the poor. Her first case is a 15-year-old boy, wrongfully jailed and then murdered in police custody. Yuki finds herself up against her former boss and the entire San Francisco Police Department. 

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