Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guest Review: The Eve Duncon Trilogy by Iris Johansen

Shirley Ayres on the first two books from Iris Johansen's Eve Duncan Trilogy:

1. Taking Eve (2013)

Eve Duncan, Forensic Sculptor, has been kidnapped from her Atlanta, Georgia, home by Jim Doane and held in an unknown location forced to do a reconstruction of the skull of a serial killer. Doane's son, Kevin. Her lover and longtime companion, Atlantic Police Department Detective Joe Quinn, Eve's and Joe's adopted daughter, Jane McGuire and others are drawn into the hunt for Eve. Positive she will be killed once the reconstruction is finished, Eve looks for ways to escape.

2. Hunting Eve (2013)

The second book of the trilogy has Eve Duncan realizing her goal. After planning her escape into the surrounding forest and wilderness of Colorado, she takes food, water, warm clothing, and Kevin's skull with her, but Doane is close behind her. When he catches up with Eve, she throws Kevin's skull over a cliff, hoping that Doane will go after it, giving her time to escape but that does not happen. She does escape again, but Doane is always close to her. 

Meanwhile, Joe Quinnn, Jane McGuire, the FBI, and lots of others try to find Eve's location so that they can rescue her. Will they find her? Who will get there first? The FBI? Quinn? And will Eve be alive when they find her? Stay tuned for the third and final book of the Johansen trilogy.

Thanks, Shirley!

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