Monday, October 14, 2013

Guest Review: Silencing Eve by Iris Johansen

Guest Review by Shirley Ayres:

1. Silencing Eve by Iris Johansen (2013)

Book 2, Hunting Eve, ends with Eve Duncan and her kidnapper, James Doane, being in the house when a massive explosion takes place. FBI agents confirm that two people were seen just as the house exploded. No one could have lived through it.

But there are doubts about the facts. A well-hidden escape route is discovered and Eve's lover, Joe Quinn, her adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire, and friends are almost positive that Eve and Doane survived and are hiding out. But where?

From the beginning, Doane has an evil plan and Eve Duncan is a big part, and the man who killed Doane's son, Kevin (the mass murderer of children) is another part. What is the connection between the two soon-to-be murdered persons? Johansen has prepared a surprise that will floor you.

Publicly pretending that Eve is dead gives Joe Quinn and the gang a head start in finding Doane and rescuing Eve from his clutches.

Will Joe find and rescue Eve before Doane finally kills her? Are you ready for an unhappy ending? The final book of the Eve Duncan trilogy is filled with twists and turns and surprises and even a good guy being killed. You won't be sorry when you read all three books, in order of course.

Thanks, Shirley!

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