Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Review: Phillip Margolin's Washington Trilogy

The reputable Shirley Ayres has volunteered her thoughts on The Washington Trilogy by Phillip Margolin:

1. Executive Privilege - Bringing down the United States President

2. Supreme Justice - Saving the life of a Supreme Court Judge

3. Capitol Murder - Foiling a terrorism plot

There are three couples in these novels:

1. Dana Cutler, former cop, private investigator and sometime reporter for a sleazy supermarket tabloid, and Jake Teeny, a photo journalist who travels the world to get his photos.

2. Brad Miller and Ginny Striker - both lawyers practicing in Oregon and Washington, DC. 

3. Keith Evans and Maggi Sparks - both FBI agents

Readers MUST read these books in order because they refer back to each other. I hope Margolin writes another book using these characters. He made them seem very real and the conversations between them (and the other characters in the books) were believable and sometimes humorous. 

Margolin is a former criminal defense lawyer who writes about what he knows best, murder mysteries involving complicated plots. 

Try them, you'll like them!

Thanks, Shirley!

Sharlene Edwards
Program Director

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