Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guest Reviews: Phillip Margolin Madness!

Another informative batch of guest reviews by the lovely Shirley Ayres:

1) Wild Justice by Phillip Margolin (c2000)

This is the first book in a series of four featuring the Portland, Oregon, based Criminal Defense lawyer team of Amanda Jaffe and her father, Frank.

In Wild Justice, Frank represents Dr. Vincent Cardoni accused of being a serial killer. When Vincent is found innocent, Amanda represents Cardoni's wife, Dr. Justice Castle, who is accused of being the serial killer once thought to be her husband's doing.
[***SPOILER ALERT***]Events prove Cardoni guilty, then innocent, then guilty again.
The same happens with Castle. [***END OF SPOILER***]
Victims are tortured before being put to death. Graphic descriptions are sometimes hard to take if the reader has a vivid imagination.
The plot twists are surprising and exciting. If you like well-written murder mysteries, you will love this series. Be sure to read them in order.

2) Ties That Bind by Phillip Margolin (c2003)

The second book in the Amanda Jaffe series has Amanda being the appointed lawyer (no other defense lawyer would take the job) to a known drug dealer and pimp. He is accused of murdering his lawyer while in a lawyer-client conference at the jail.
Meanwhile, evidence is found that convinces the County Prosecutor that the pimp may be guilty of killing a Senator who liked to hurt prostitutes.
Amanda is kidnapped and tortured by enforcers for a highly placed group of politicians called the Vaughn Street Glee Club. They want Amanda's client to be found guilty and executed.
This proves to be a good mystery that will hold the reader's interest until the exciting end.

3) Proof Positive by Phillip Margolin (c2006)

Defense lawyer, Amanda Jaffe, and her sometimes boyfriend, Prosecutor Mike Greene, team up with Amanda's father, Frank. They uncover evidence of tampering and falsifying materials related to capital cases by a well-known and respected Criminologist. Then, key witnesses are murdered, one by one.
Another good and very exciting story with great plot twists. You will love it.

4) Fugitive by Phillip Margolin (c2009)

Amanda and her father, Frank Jaffe, criminal defense lawyers, get involved with an accused murderer, Charlie Marsh also known as the Guru Gabriel Sun.
After being accused of murdering his girlfriend's husband and fleeing to Africa for twelve years, Marsh comes back to Oregon to stand trial for murder.
The plot twists and a multitude of characters make the latest and (unfortunately) the last Amanda Jaffe serial novel one that cannot be put down.

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